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Mapset is a new, innovative and dynamic tool designed for managing screens in different mainframe coding languages. This tool means time savings due to its low execution time.

Open Source

Mapset makes less painful the design of mainframe screens commonly used in the banking industry.

  • Target Audience

    Engineers who constantly generate screens in different mainframe coding languages.

  • Results

    Mapset became 15x faster than conventional methods or any other tool available. It's a cloud-based, inexpensive, very easy to use and users don't need to be experts in the Industry.

What we did

  • Market Research
  • Design and Web Development
  • UI/UX Strategy & Design
  • Branding


  • Banking
  • Insurance


Web Application


Problems Faced

The banking and insurance industry has been using well-tested tools for years and changing the way they work is a big task that requires creating reliable, secure and innovative solutions that can provide great value.


  • To create a new cloud-based solution to reduce the creation process from days to hours.
  • To create a design interface similar to tools used in the industry but using a web browser.
  • To create an intelligent conversion system that identifies patterns and corrects errors in the information provided by the user in order to generate new export formats such as PDF, images, Word, etc..
  • To reduce the cost of servers needed for the data conversion process.


We discovered that the core of the product had to be a Web Application with a dynamic interface similar to Power Point® (a common interface for engineers in the industry) but using the power of web browsers for the main tasks of the process.

Besides, serverless execution for the file conversion tasks was the best choice for reducing costs of servers: on-demand implementation, parallelism and lower costs.

Everything about the project was tested and documented to ensure the security and stability of the management of customer information.

Main Features

When we started creating Mapset, we focused on three things: Innovation, Efficiency, and Convenience.

Advanced Editor

The Editor is the core of the product. We designed and developed it with great attention, which allowed us to obtain an excellent result: A new, innovative and dynamic tool, so simple to use. Clients just draw through a Drag & Drop interface and summarize a several days job in just minutes.

Advanced Editor - Mapset

Projects Management

Mapset supports the management of multiple files that need to be very well organized. One of the best ways to carry out this organization is through projects, which have proved, during the last years, to be very efficient when grouping different types of elements in a web application.

Projects Management - Mapset

Team Management

All team needs options that allow a smooth administration. We also carry out this task with great caution since, without teams, the effectiveness of Mapset becomes very limited. We use standard sections and adjusted them taking into consideration the needs of final users.

Team Management - Mapset


One of the indispensable features that we developed was analytics. When you have large business projects that involve multiple users, you may want to track the user's events and therefore have a measurement solution that provides analytics reports that help optimize the performance of the work of the teams.

Analytics - Mapset